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Suffering… – Awkward! | September 23, 2018

  Suffering We are a pain adverse society. Gods word calls us to bear with one another is suffering. How will you help others who are suffering? Chappy Swearingen Senior Pastor Watch this first! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Evwgu369Jw

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Suffering… – Anybody | September 16, 2018

  Suffering Everyone experiences pain and suffering; sometimes we even experience pain in the middle of our joy. As a society, we avoid suffering and mask our pain, but what do you do when you experience pain that cannot be ignored? Chappy Swearingen Senior...

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Fully Trained – Live It | April 22, 2018

  Live It This is the third message in our discipleship series. It is good to receive and believe but unless we practice what we have learned there is little value. In this message, we look at what it means to live it - on the inside, on the outside and living it...

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Fully Trained – Believe It | April 15, 2018

In message two of our Discipleship series, we wrestle with Christ's revelation that students who are fully trained become like their teacher. How does that happen? How can we become like Jesus if he is no longer here on Earth? Do we believe Jesus' teachings? Do we...

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Fully Trained – Receive It | April 8, 2018

  If we want to be good at something, whether learning an instrument, playing a sport or becoming better at our profession, we need to train. Join us as we examine what Jesus meant when he told his disciples that everyone who is fully trained will become like his...

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Easter – He is Risen! | April 1 2018

The Resurrection is the quintessential teaching of the Christian faith. Jesus’ victory over death buried our sins and grants us freedom to choose a life that walks with God. What should we do with that gift? How should we respond?   Pastor J. "Chappy" Swearingen...

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