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About Others

Everywhere you go it is always “about us.” Nations protect their own interests. Businesses are looking out for their bottom line. Even in the family we are focused on our own needs and interests. Not to say it is unhealthy to take care of your family!

Where can you go where the emphasis is truly put on others.

Jesus meant for his kingdom to be serving and striving for those on the outside. He elevated the marginalized; healed the sick; and forgave the unforgivable. He calls the Church to do the same – to serve as he served, to love as he loved. To love the unlovable, to help the helpless and to reach “the others” who do not know him and may even reject him with his loving kindness.

His Kingdom is not temporal. It is not invading or conquering, but it is growing and moving. As his disciples, we are to advance his kingdom in the hearts and lives of our communities and world. This is done by being his hands and feet. When his Kingdom advances the world becomes a better place; We become better people and everyone is blessed.